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Blood Training's training location is currently in the city of Florianópolis/SC in the neighborhood of Canasvieiras. On site there are several transport options, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, hotels and inns.  

City: Florianópolis/SC.

Distance from the bus station to the training site: 15  km

Distance from the international airport to the training site: 20  km

Estimated cost of Uber from the training site to the Center: R$ 20.00 to 25.00  (source:

Estimated Uber cost from the airport to the training location: BRL 25.00 to BRL 30.00 (source:



Florianópolis/SC, being a tourist city, has a great diversity of accommodation. A  option in terms of cost/benefit are the vacation apartments obtained on sites like   < > and < >. For those who prefer to stay at  hotels or inns, we suggest consulting related sites such as <>, <> etc._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Traveling in the Canasvieiras neighborhood can be done by walking.

 Registrations open! Class IV.

EXPECTED CLIMATE (next course)


November is the end of the low season in Santa Catarina.

It is considered a month of pleasant weather.  End of winter with the arrival of some rains, but also in addition to sunny days, which allows for outdoor walks.

The average rainfall for the entire month is 130 mm.

The historical average temperature in the period is 18 to 25ºC.


ABOUT OUR COURSES (40 and 60 hours)


To teach our 40 and 60 hour professional courses, the entire structure is prepared to meet the standards required in a course of excellence that contains daily practical classes for the manipulation of real blood. We are based on three visions to offer the best teaching in the area: Phenomenological Vision, Practical Vision and Evaluation Vision.

The Level I course, "40 hours of BPA in Brazil", is the beginning of a bloodstain analyst's career. It is the required course to become a member of the IABPA in the United States and, therefore, has been reviewed by its Educational Committee. Blood Training courses so far are the only ones validated by this Association in all of Latin America.

The Level II course, "60 hours of Advanced BPA" seeks to mature the professional by submitting him to advanced topics and complex situations in terms of assessment and exposure. It has as a prerequisite the certification in the level I course.

Due to our teaching policy, we consider that the depth level of our courses is higher at the programmatic level compared to other institutions. Our level I course, for example, already covers the entire program that in other institutes is only achieved after the advanced level (level II). Our advanced course, level II, in addition to greater depth than similar courses in this category, offers a   higher workload with sixty hours of face-to-face training.

These differentials are part of Blood Training's strategic vision of providing the best courses in the area of BPA in the world, and thus making our brand and our country a reference in the training of bloodstain analysts. On the other hand, we demand more from our participants in terms of selection and evaluation.

It is important to note that obtaining our Certificate is only a guarantee that you have had adequate and excellent training over a certain period of time. Greater specialization   in the area, however, it will only be achieved with constant training, self-dedication and years of study and practice.





Official Criminal Expert
Official Criminal Expert of the Brazil. Active or inactive.
Investment BRL 3,500.00
up to 12x on the card.
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Tecnical assistent
Active in Brazil and with a higher education degree in exact or natural sciences.
Investment BRL 3,700.00
up to 12 x card 
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Other interested parties
Experts from foreign countries and other professionals trained in exact or natural sciences
Investment BRL 3,800.00
up to 12 x on the card.

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