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National Development Center (CND). A proposal for BPA.


      The video on Bloodtraining's YouTube channel shows bloodstain pattern analyst Antonio A. Canelas Neto proposing to the institution of new paradigms for public security through two concepts: professionalized statistical analysis of traces of crime scenes and the creation of National Development Center (CND). The CND would be a public entity with the objective of disseminating greater expertise in the country regarding traces found at a crime scene and thus giving greater selectivity in collection and interpretation to the Criminal Expert. For this, the CND must promote a natural cycle of development in the country by encouraging in-depth bibliographies, high-level qualifications and academic research. The short-term idea is to provide more in-depth training for Criminal Experts in areas considered strategic at the crime scene, with emphasis on homicide crimes. In the long term, the CND proposes to establish developments in forensic doctrines, techniques and products, promoting not only technological independence, but also the perception that scientific evidence should  have priority in the elucidation of crimes. Four areas are considered essential for a pilot plan by the National Development Center. Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is one of them. Curious? Click watch and share!

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