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Who we are


Welcome to our website! Blood Training is a brand created and registered at INPI (Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property) by the Forensic Scientist and Bloodstain Pattern Analyst, Antonio A. Canelas Neto (curriculum). Its main purpose is to establish a brand in high performance involving the Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, as well as the ambition to be a reference in exposition, debate, and dissemination of this topic in Latin America. This site is one of the ways to communicate our work and your participation is also fundamental. A. Canelas is full member of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (IABPA) and trained for the best Bloodstain Analysis Institutes in Europe and North America. Training and products associated with this professional and the brand Blood Training certainly guarantee the scientific study of this area based on the latest research and terminologies. You are invited to join us to spread this knowledge with over one hundred years of history.

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