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  international training

40 hours of BPA in Brazil

    Rights and obligations:

Clause I -  Criminal Experts and Technical Assistants working in Brazil will be entitled to a discount if they register within 90 days of the start of registration. To do so, you must use the promotional code provided. The promotional code is not valid for professionals working in other countries .

Clause II -   For those who are not an Official Criminal Expert   the prerequisite for participating in this training is to have a higher level diploma in areas of natural or exact sciences until the enrollment date. As it is a course that will employ concepts of physics and mathematics, we do not recommend participation for those who have difficulty with these subjects.

Clause III -   For those who are not Official Criminal Experts and do not have a college degree in exact or natural areas, but have a postgraduate degree in related areas, their postgraduate degree will only be accepted if it is at master's or doctoral level and even if the program has a minimum grade of 5 in CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) in its last  evaluation.

Clause IV -  If there is any bad faith in proving these professions, or even in the validity and information required, the participant will not be able to participate in this course or any other course promoted by us with 40 hours or more of duration even if you are willing to pay the difference in registration or if you later meet the requirements set out here. This Clause also applies to individuals who may make offensive communications in our emails or present, in our understanding, unethical behavior.

Clause V -  With the exception of Official Criminal Experts, all registered participants will have their proof of schooling required for the conference as well as their photo ID card and signature.  For Official Criminal Experts from Brazil, just send your working card and work phone number.  The documents must be sent to the email  <> immediately after the registration together with the DECLARATION TERM explained in Clause VII below.

Clause VI -  Technical Assistants who use the promotional code must forward proof of Technical Assistant, which can be their functional card and/or registration in the forum of their city of operation. We allow ourselves the right not to accept less solid evidence in relation to this profession. If this happens, the participant will receive a link to pay the difference in the promotional discount within a maximum of 48 hours at the risk of losing a spot. In this case, the registration fee will be refunded.

Clause VII -   After registration, the participant will receive a PDF document containing training information via e-mail. On the first sheet of this document there is a DECLARATION TERM. This TERM must be read, filled out, signed and returned digitally to the email <> within a maximum period of 2 weeks together with the other vouchers mentioned in  Clause V and/or in Clause VI . The signature of this DECLARATION TERM must be the same as the identity sent. Failure to forward this document within the stipulated period will result in the cancellation of the registration and the loss of the vacancy. This period can be shortened to  3 days if the participant's registration is made with less than 60 days before the start of the course.

Clause VIII - The entire structure of protective equipment, practical training, classroom, teaching material and certification proof are included in the investment value.

Clause IX -   In addition to masks, caps, shoes, protective gloves and safety glasses, procedure suits will be provided throughout the training as well as notions of how and why to use them. In practical classes its use is mandatory.

Clause X -  We used a reasonable amount of blood during our course. The blood is of an animal nature and may be from a pig, ox or horse. This is an international practice, and in no way interferes with the training results. If you have any problems viewing, contacting and/or handling royal blood for any reason, you should not participate in this course.

Clause XI -  This is a training course where discipline is mandatory. The participant must comply with what is determined, always treating the instructor and other participants with civility and professional respect. Bad words or aggressive and disproportionate questioning in the face of the instructions given will cause your dismissal. The participant who performs any attitude of prejudiced connotation about other participants will also be dismissed.

Clause XII -  During the morning period of theoretical classes, the Wi-Fi of the place will be disconnected and will only be reconnected during breaks and during the afternoon period.

Clause XIII -   It is important to note that payment for this course does not automatically signify approval and receipt of our International Certificate. To do so, it is necessary to pass two assessments (Theoretical Test + Technical Report) with a minimum score of 70% in each one.  

Clause XIV -   If the participant does not want to carry out the prescribed assessments or does not reach the minimum grade for approval, he/she will be entitled to receive a "Declaration of Participation" with the percentage of attendance in the course. The "Declaration of Participation", however, is not valid for membership of the  International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (IABPA).

Clause XV -  If the participant does not meet the minimum frequency of 90% (36 class hours) or even misses one of the two scheduled assessments, he will automatically fail.

Clause XVI -  Cases not provided for here will be treated individually depending on the particularity of each situation and following the prevailing common sense.


I- Although not mandatory, we recommend that the participant bring their own camera (can be a cell phone), flashlight and personal computer. This is because: 

a)  Image registration is very important for your learning process;

b) The participant may need better lighting to analyze some bloodstains during the practical exercises;

c) For some exercises and assessments we will use a spreadsheet (Excel) and text editors (Word). 

II- In addition to mineral water, we offer a simple coffee break with black coffee, cookies, fruit and juice, free of charge during class breaks. If you have any restrictions in your diet or prefer a more elaborate diet, we suggest you bring your own food. We have space to store it, heat it or cool it in our kitchen.

During lunch there are restaurants of all kinds in the surroundings.


  • Theoretical test: Exam with 50 multiple choice questions.

  • Evaluation of technical report.


Rule 1 – The final grade of the participant will be through two evaluations, theoretical test and technical report. Minimum grade for approval in each assessment: 70%. The final result will be either Approved or Not Approved . Approved will receive a Certificate of Completion with international validity for forwarding to the IABPA in order to become a member of this Association if they wish;

Rule 2 - The multiple choice test will consist of 50 questions, with each question having five alternatives where only one will be correct. The test time will be 2 hours and 15 minutes;

Rule 3 - The technical report will be made in a group of up to four participants, that is, each group will present a single report for correction after processing a simulated crime scene. This report will follow a previously established pattern and will have a value of 60% in a total of 100%. The other 40% of the evaluation will refer to four questions about the preparation of the report or even about the crime scene processed. These questions will be answered individually in writing by each participant in each group. The approval of each participant, therefore, will be individual through the sum of the grade of the report of their group plus the answers presented individually. The minimum total grade for passing this assessment is 70%. The instructor can also understand that if the report is within most of the established guidelines, there will be no need to ask individual questions to the participants of the group, thus, the participant's grade can be released based only on the report's grade, which in this case will have a value of 100%;

Rule 4 - The participant also has the right to present their report individually and outside the group if they wish, but it is mandatory that they process the crime scene with their group. A period of up to four weeks after the end of the course will be given to deliver the individual report. The individual report must contain aspects, style, and conclusions of this participant and cannot be a copy or textual plagiarism of the report presented by the group during the face-to-face phase. After sending the report via email, the participant may receive from the instructor, also via email, four questions related to the report or the processed location. The deadline for answers to these questions is a maximum of 24 hours from the time they are sent by the instructor. Participants must pay attention to their email inbox. Scoring rules are the same as in Rule 3 . Failure to comply with the rules and deadlines mentioned here will result in automatic disapproval of the participant. If approved, the Certificate will be sent by post to the preferred address, with the costs of sending it being borne by the participant;

Rule 5 - The successful participant will receive their Certificate of Completion in English. If you wish to join the IABPA, a digital copy of this Certificate must be sent to the website of this Association in the United States <> via upload plus the completion of the form to obtain your registration and a payment of $40.00 ( forty dollars). These procedures will be further explained throughout the course.

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